Attachment and Trauma Training at Easthorpe School

We attended Easthorpe School alongside staff from schools across the Polaris Community - Stannard School and Ormston School - and some members of the central Learning and Development team to share a day of training with Dr Jennifer Nock.

Jennifer is a specialist in training and advising schools nationwide about Attachment and Trauma. For many years she has worked closely with another member of the Polaris Community, Kirby Moor School, and has supported them on a journey that has benefited many pupils over several years.

The training was designed to help all staff further develop their understanding of Developmental Trauma and how we can work proactively to support pupils who have experienced Adverse Childhood Experiences.

It was great to see all of the staff sharing their knowledge and experiences as well as considering ways in which we could work with others in our school communities, families, and other professionals to help our pupils.